Check out this Q & A with one of my favorite people to work with!!

When Christine Wolheim moved her props & surfaces into my studio basement a couple years back I knew we were going to have some fun!  We've collaborated together now on 5 cookbooks & numerous editorial assignments.  Check out this great Q & A with her:


  1. As Sheri's 3 yr old daughter Lulu asks: Does Christine live downstairs with all her stuff?
    The collaborative part of this work is the thing I love the most, especially when we get to travel and have cocktails like Sheri, Shay (her assistant) and I just did to shoot a cocktail book in Portland. Thanks Sheri for having the inspiration to go shoot there and making it all happen! And for having the faith in me when I was just a newcomer to give me some of my first jobs! xo, Christine


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