The Perfect Seafood Boil

Here's how make the perfect seafood boil: first you start with an amazing location somewhere along the rugged coast of Northern California & set-up camp with your family & friends. Then you make a big 'ole fire.  Once the water is boiling in an over-sized stainless steal pot & the kids are asking "when is dinner going to be ready" you add a mix of fresh seafood, herbs, potatoes, onions, corn, garlic then put the lid on tight & let boil (well, you don't add everything at once so see steps below). While this is happening open a beer or pour a glass of wine (hopefully, this was happening before step #1).  Now the exciting part: put some newspaper down on your table & dump the pot onto the table.  Don't forget to melt the butter. And you'll need tools for opening crabs & lobsters.  We used a camping ax & hammer.

Salt Point State Park, Highway 1 California

Step #1: Make a big fire & put water onto boil.  Put kids into a tent or have them hunt for banana slugs so they stay out of your hair.

Step #2: Once the water is boiling add potatoes, onion & garlic.  Let cook for a bit before adding seafood (be sure to keep the lid on the pot!). ** If you haven't cracked a beer or poured yourself a glass of wine yet now would be the perfect time!

Step #3: Add a bottle of white wine, corn, shrimp & lobster claws -  let cook until shrimp almost done!  

Step #4: Add fresh herbs along with the shrimp!

Step #5: Don't forget to melt the butter
Step #6: Lastly, add clams.  **Be sure to keep fire going entire time!
Step #7: Ready! Drain off some water for dipping.  Be careful it's HOT.
Step #8: Dump contents of pot out onto table!  Throw some fresh herbs on top of the pile.
Step #9: Dive in, get messy & have some fun!  YUM! YUM!
 I MUST credit my sister-in-law, Jessica Giblin, for cooking up this amazing meal!  I was merely the photographer, wine drinker & seafood boil eater.
**Side note to this dinner - SMORES are a MUST for DESSERT!  We added peanut butter to ours!