Superbowl Party

If you know me, well, you know that I'm not that much into sports.  However, I do like parties - so this was a fun feature to shoot for All Recipes.  And what I liked more then these yummy recipes is that one of the models showed up wearing a 49ers hat.  This shoot was happening in NYC so this was a pleasant surprise.  The 49ers was my dad's team.  In fact, their summer training camp was one town over from where I lived as a kid.  I remember standing in the blazing summer sun w/ my dad yelling out to Joe Montana, Dwight Clark & Ronnie Lott as if they were his best friends.  "Don't you want Joe's autograph?!"  Ummm, not really.  It's funny how these are fond memories now, but at the moment it was as if I was being tortured.  However, the pre-game tailgating parties at Candlestick Park in San Francisco were the best.  After-all, these were the glory days for the 49ers.  My dad had a sweatshirt that he proudly wore later in the years that read "Fuck 3-Com Long Live the Stick".  If you are a Californian, well, you'll get it.  So, here's to Superbowl Sunday.  May your team win, may you eat lots of chips & dips and drink a ton of shitty American beer.