I've been working these past couple of days on editing photos for my new website.  I can tell you that this is an arduous task - one that I love to procrastinate working on.  So, I distracted myself for bit by turning my attention to some recent seascape photos I took.  I'm beginning to notice a running theme here in my personal photos: water & bridges.  I can't help but reflect what this represents in my subconscious (thanks Jung): emotions, the unconscious, transformation, change.  Or maybe being the Cancer girl I am, I am simply missing the sea.  The view of Manhattan from my desk is grand, but perhaps a trip to a seaside town might be in order very soon.

Seascape Dream

It is not the moon I know;
So it is a false lunar bridge
Above my nose;
Dreams are the sad loafings of time
And entity, identity.

Stan Petrovich