Does a Princess Live in Your House?

A few years back I photographed a book titled "Princess Tea Parties".  At the time my daughter was only a year old & I had no idea what the "princess phase" with little girls was really about - until now.  At first, I hoped & prayed this phase would not take hold.  I tried hiding every book ending in "happily every after" under beds.  I tried buying yellow over pink (yeah, that did not work out!).  I growled at my best friend when she gave my daughter 4 pairs of "princess shoes" for her birthday.  After all, this is the 21st century people & I really don't need to utter the word "feminist" on this page.   And don't get me started about the Disney marketing machine.  But then, I attended a birthday princess tea party with my daughter.  The hostess mom had made all the party favors by hand & it was incredibly feminine and oh so lovely day filled with costume changes, cupcake decorating, and dancing!  And I REMEMBERED how much I LOVE to DRESS UP, eat FROSTING, drink tea & DANCE my butt off!  So now when my daughter says "Mom, do you want to get FANCY"  I reply, "Heck yeah, and turn up the music!"  And I say - "ALL GIRLS are PRINCESSES" (well, and I know a few boys too) because let's not forget that life should be fun, dreamy, magical, whimsical, colorful and most certainly yummy!


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