Italians Do It Better

I have to admit that I pride myself on that percentage of my DNA that makes up my Sicilian blood.  I always say it's the reason why I can't survive another New York winter!  I'm supposed to live in the land of olive orchards, wine grapes and LEMONS!  My brother & sister-in-law have the most beautiful Meyer lemon tree in California & always include lemons in the Christmas box they send to me in Brooklyn.  I can never bring myself to use the lemons for cooking, but rather keep them on the table to smell so I can dream of warmer places! This year I got to be home for Christmas and we made Limoncello for our family and friends!  
Peel and Juice Lemons 
*We used juice to make Lemon Curd as there is no juice used in the making of Limoncello

Place Lemon Peels in Large Glass Jar w/ Vodka

After a Week Strain and Add Simple Syrup

Bottle Up For Your Friends and Serve Chilled 

The Meyer Lemon Tree + '64 Chevy 
*maybe we should start selling the Limoncello out of the back of the truck, sort of like a grown-up Lemonade Stand!